Fotografia Analogica di Matrimonio
Mauro Pozzer Wedding Film Photographer

Mauro Pozzer Wedding Film Photographer

Mauro Pozzer: Film Wedding Photographer

Italian Wedding Photographer with 25 years of experience

I’m Mauro Pozzer and I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 25 years.
I started many years ago, creating my photo studio in 1996 in the province of Vicenza.
There I was able to learn the art of photography between reflex cameras, lenses, rollers and films.

The era of modern photography was just around the corner, so in the following years I specialized in digital wedding photography , the one commonly used today.
What I love about photography is portraying spontaneous expressions , unique emotions and peculiar details in a reportage perspective with my personal, fashion and refined style.

Over the years I have shot weddings all over the world, but Italy is the main country I work in, as it fits perfectly as a romantic and emotional place. Rich in beauty, history and tradition .

Four years ago looking at my wedding album, I realized the great value of printed photography.
I therefore decided to return to analog film wedding photography and create a unique and refined product, as film photography is a timeless photography, eternal and unique.

Mauro Pozzer Wedding Film Photographer

Me and my wife Catia, 1987

Mauro Pozzer: Film Wedding Photographer

A unique work of art, like your love story

"From time immemorial the basic requirements for meditation and introspection have been isolation, solitude and tranquility.
For a photographer, locking himself up in the darkroom is the modern equivalent of the ancient custom of retreating to the desert or to the top of a mountain.
Because there is something magical in the atmosphere of a dark room: a sense of peace and security, of escape from the crushing daily pressures, further accentuated by the almost total darkness of an environment illuminated only by pools of yellow-reddish light.
Isolated from all external influences, the photographer can concentrate on the task of creating images.
By exploring his negatives in every direction, printing them in different ways, he not only has the opportunity to become an expert printer, but also to become a better photographer as he will discover any defects in the negative in the finished print.
I am not referring here to possible technical defects, but to conceptual deficiencies of the image, mistakes related to the angle under which the subject is seen, unsatisfactory perspectives that result as distortions, wrong types of lighting, weak compositions.
For the creative mind, darkroom work provides an inexhaustible source of that particular stimulus indispensable for artistic development ".

Mauro Pozzer Film Wedding Photographer

With digital photography, we have lost so much of the tactile presence of a photograph.
The vast majority of wedding photos taken today will never be printed.
They have become a virtual good that people consume on cell phone screens or computer monitors and televisions.

I wanted to go back in time: a time when the tactile presence of the wedding photo was the norm, a time when the moments for studied and researched in the light, in the shadows and in the colors, a time in which the memories were eternal.
I discovered that film photography fits perfectly with my conception of wedding photography: the absence of post production and the greater authenticity that characterizes this technique is what makes it unique, “imperfect” and human.

Film makes me slow down and reflect on what I photograph, helping me to better capture the reality and the emotions that are offered in front of me.
First I find myself mentally elaborating the photographic story, and then working with concentration, controlling composition and light.
This is what I offer: a wedding photo entirely shoot on film.

A journey into the past, thanks to the timeless artistic quality of analog film photography.

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Mauro Pozzer Wedding Film Photographer

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