Wedding photography between history, tradition and the future

Although with almost 200 years of history behind it, it has not been many years since photography , as we know it today, has become an integral part of marriage .
In fact, the evolution that wedding photography has undergone overall in a couple of centuries has been revolutionary, from technological progress to the development of new artistic styles .
From the first film cameras to digital cameras and post-production, from black and white prints to color photographs, from static and strictly posed shots to a modern and dynamic reportage style: let’s discover the history of wedding photography and what they may be future trends of this photograph .

The origins of wedding photography

The history of wedding photography stems from one ceremony in particular: from the wedding of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom to Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, in 1840.

Not long before, in fact, the first photograph in history was taken: in that case the author was Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who, in 1826, took the photo from his photographic studio.

At the time, taking a wedding photograph was not at all easy : the technical limitations of the old cameras were many, starting from the poorly photosensitive emulsion up to the extremely long exposure times.

For many years, therefore, over a century, wedding photography has portrayed static and immobilized subjects , forcibly posed and unnatural.

This has for years shaped the identity of wedding photography as a rigid and set representation of reality .
Fortunately, however, with the passage of time, wedding photography has improved not only in technological evolution but also in profound changes in style .

Wedding Photography

Development and evolution from the 90s to today

From the 1990s onwards, digital photography has taken on an important role in revolutionizing wedding photography.
The presence of new, inexpensive and easy-to-use automated digital cameras has helped the wedding photographer to leave the darkroom for good and use the computer for his work.
Taking wedding photographs has thus become much simpler and more convenient : today a photographer can shoot hundreds and thousands of frames digitally, on which he can re-work in the post-production process through dedicated image processing software.
This fast and lively trend has unquestionably changed the photographic story of the wedding.
It was possible to experience a more dynamic and at the same time less invasive photographic vision , defined as a wedding photo report .
History of Wedding Photography

Future Trends in Wedding Photography

Today, wedding photography is a real institution that the couple values in their wedding planning.
The Wedding Photographer is no longer a mere “performer” but is chosen as an Artist able to express his own language through the image.
Alongside this aspect, however, the presence of more and more photographers and the accessibility of new photographic tools is changing the reality of wedding photography.
More and more married couples are looking for “something more” with respect to a job that they can feel they are doing alone through their smartphone: a unique and original type of photography .
A collection of unique and inimitable photographs of your wedding, made by an artist with years of experience , physically printed on photographic paper to become timeless memories : the “vintage” charm of Analog Photography is increasingly in vogue.
In an age where digitization is everywhere, returning to a more traditional Wedding Photography without giving up a modern and elegant style can really make a difference in the way you will remember and tell your wedding for years to come!


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