Analog Wedding Photography FAQ

Analog Wedding Photography Faq ©

Analog Wedding Photography FAQ

The analogue wedding photo shoot

Analog Wedding Photography FAQ

What is analog wedding photography today?

Film makers have come a long way in the past few decades. Today, an analogue photo is made differently than the film photos of the 1980s, although the process of developing and printing has remained largely the same. Like the traditional wedding albums of our grandparents and parents, a modern wedding film service manages to give a vintage and classic atmosphere, while at the same time expressing a certain modernity in the framing, in the lights and colors of the images and in the print finish. .

Will my whole wedding be shot on film?

Yes. Although analog photography tends to be more difficult to achieve, requires good natural light and a higher cost, I offer a wedding shoot entirely shot in analog. I use film photography both for the ceremony in any environmental situation and for all the details such as flowers, clothes, and for the portraits of the spouses and guests and for every moment of the wedding party. Eventually it is possible to support a second photographer who works digitally to have all those photos that can be used for social media, Instagram and the like.

How are the photos taken during the event?

Since it is necessary to prefer the quality of the shots over the quantity, the frames taken will be made with great care. Instead of continuous, rapid and sequential shots, the shots for analog photos are refined and well-calibrated. Often customers also prefer this approach, which gives them the opportunity to slow down and experience the various moments of their day in total tranquility.

How do you know that the photos are okay, if you can’t see the images right away?

Thanks to over 25 years of experience in the sector and the constant research I carry out, as a wedding photographer in film I rely on my ability to “see” the scene, the light and the colors of the moment, without having to rely on to a screen. It is a skill obtained through years of dedication and practice, which still today I improve day by day, experimenting with new films and lighting techniques.

How are wedding film prints made?

Once the photographs are taken, the rolls are developed by me in my studio for developing the darkroom prints and scanning the negatives. In this way I get both high resolution files to give to the spouses to be able to share on social networks and the negatives to make the hand prints in the dark room. The printing process used respects all the canons of Fine Art photography. Each gelatin silver print is handmade and obtained from photosensitive photographic paper with a chemical process in a dark room. Each print represents a unique work.

How long does it take to see the photos? How many will they be?

In a film wedding shoot on average I use 15-20 rolls: each roll contains 16 images for the medium format and 36 for the 135 format so I get about 350/500 wedding photos. I provide 120/180 images as downloadable high quality JPEG files and 40/50 printed photos, individually paginated. Usually it takes 2/4 weeks for the delivery of the files and 6/8 weeks for the printed photos.

Are there any additional costs for printing photos on film?

No. I have integrated all the costs of film, film and photo paper into my different price packages so that all costs are covered, from developing the negatives to printing the photographs. For me it is really worth it: being able to shoot all the rolls I want and photograph on film made me fall in love with photography again, and there is no price for it. Being able to give a unique and exclusive product to my couples is the greatest satisfaction for me, and therefore I don’t take more than 8/10 weddings a year on film.

Analog Wedding Photography FAQ

Analog Wedding Photography Faq ©

Differences between Analog and Digital Photography

Analog Wedding Photography FAQ

Do photos on film look different than digital ones?

Yes. Analog photographs are different from digital ones because they are able to enhance the highlights, a dynamic range, a soft compression, a uniform mixing of light and tones, a realistic and lively color table, a characteristic and peculiar grain. In one word Unique.

So is analog photography better than digital photography?

There is no way to say that analog photography is better than digital: these are different photographic techniques and certainly much more in the images they produce. Over the years I have learned that the biggest difference lies in the photographer’s approach to finding the shot that conveys the emotion and beauty of the moment. With digital, you first “snap” and then go to search for Photography in the thousands of images. With the film first you look for the “Photography” and then you shoot. As future spouses looking for a wedding photographer, it is really a matter of stylistic tastes and preferences as well as the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the final product.

Is fine art photography the same as analogue photography?

No. The term “fine art” has long been used in the world of photography to refer to creative or artistic shots that often feature strong contrasts and in black and white. In addition, “fine art” is used to refer to both analogue and digital photo printing.

Analog Wedding Photography FAQ

Analog Wedding Photography Faq ©

The tools and techniques of Analog Photography

Analog Wedding Photography FAQ

Are there different types of film photos? What tools do you use?

Yes. Different analogue photographic styles can be used to achieve unique images on film. It is possible to work with bright colors and strong contrasts, or with more neutral and delicate color ranges, or even choose black and white. I shoot mainly with Nikon F5 and Nikon F100, Mamiya 645 AFD using Kodak Portra 160 and 400 film, Kodak Tmax 400, Ilford HP5 400 for more romantic and natural images and Lomography Color Negative 400, Lomography Lady Gray B&N 400 for services with more colors saturated and with the classic vintage colors of the 70s.

Do you use any precautions in case of unforeseen events?

A premise must be made: the positive aspect of using an analog camera is that generally unexpected events do not cause damage to all the images taken, but possibly to a single roll of film, unlike digital camera cards which could lose thousands and thousands of photos. However, to prevent mechanical equipment problems from compromising the wedding service, I always travel with spare cameras and a good supply of film.

Do you develop the images on film yourself?

Yes. When I started taking analog film photos I also learned how to develop negatives, use the scanner to scan images and print photos in the darkroom, both color and black and white. I like being able to carefully follow every single step of my artistic productions in order to deliver the best product.

Do you still use a digital camera?

Yes. Even if my goal is to provide a wedding service entirely made in analogue photography, on specific request I can still use a digital camera for some shots of the ceremony, family photos and the reception. Eventually it is possible to support a second photographer who works digitally to have all those photos that can be used for social media, Instagram and the like.

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