analog printing vs digital printing

Analog Printing and Digital Printing

“With analog we are returning to that physical experience because it makes us happy.
It offers us something tangible, whether it’s holding a book in hand, having vinyl on the shelves or seeing a photo printed from film to then stick on an album.
To frame or give as a gift.
This is the kind of thing the digital equivalent simply can’t offer. “

the differences between Analog Printing and Digital Printing

Because Analog Printing is special

I believe that analog photography is something fundamentally different and not comparable to digital photography.
There are two different techniques: both forms of photography, analogue and digital, share role and function in creating images .
Surely for the creation of catalogs and advertising , digital photography is certainly to be preferred for its immediacy and ease of use.
It depends on what we are looking for and what interests us .
However, I would like here to propose the comparison in different and substantially comparable terms in terms of objective results, considering only the press .
The real difference between the various photographic processes is observed only on the last link of the working chain: that of the final print .

here some examples of analogue and digital printing

Analog Printing vs Digital Printing
Analog Printing vs Digital Printing

Analog Printing vs Digital Printing

Analog Printing vs Digital Printing

Analog Printing vs Digital Printing

Analog Printing vs Digital Printing

Analog Printing vs Digital Printing

Analog Printing vs Digital Printing

analogue printing and digital printing

Above are some photographs taken at the same time in film and in digital .
When photography becomes print it is the quality in terms of exposure latitude, tonal range, resolution and grain that makes the difference.

the exposure latitude

Analog photography certainly has a clear advantage over digital when working in natural light .
The film is made to be exposed in natural light , and that’s where it makes the difference with its exposure latitude .
It’s much more forgiving when it comes to overexposure and doesn’t burn out highlights as easily as digital cameras.

the tonal range

The film better combines light and color in a natural way.
Digital camera sensors are made up of millions of tiny squares that give us an image.
The film is not divided linearly so it naturally blends light and colors better.

the resolution

Digital printing currently takes place at a resolution of 300/400 dpi, the “fine art” (ink jet) reaches a maximum of 600 dpi.
Darkroom printed film produces an image that has incomparably higher definition than what is currently possible with the best digital printer.
Analog (silver) photography offers on the final print a resolution capable of revealing, with a magnifying glass, amazing details combined with an extremely pleasant grain.

the grain

One of the worst things about digital cameras is also one of the best things about film is the grain .
The grain you get from film is much more pleasing and natural than digital cameras and adds to the texture and character of the photo.
Some photographers even try to make their digital images look like they were made of film , using filters and presets, but they can’t get all the features that only analog photography can boast.

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